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It's the design, baby!

Designing a product means a lot more than just picking colours. You need someone with creativity, style and a fine eye for materials, as well as a deep understanding of the manufacturing process. We are blessed with such amazing people and it is astonishing what they come up with in every new collection.

Knitting sounds a bit like grandma sitting on a bench with two needles in her hands, but making a real-world product is about technology, machinery and feasibility, and of course paying the bill for all that at the end of the day. We have as much appreciation for our designers as we do for our workmen. They have excellent skills and they push their limits with every collection. Each year we come up with a new shape and style that has never been made before and they manage to get it done. This is one of the reasons why we’ve established our production not on the other side of the world, but right here in the Alps. We have a capable workforce here, we pay fair wages and taxes and treat the environment with care.

Materials are all about the science of combination. None of the fibres have all the characteristics we need in order to get what we expect from our products. That is the reason why we carefully choose different fabrics for each product. By the way, all the essential fibres, which add up to 98 percent of the materials we use, are certified by Oeko-Tex and independently tested.

New wool is thermo regulating, while acrylic fibres are not. Therefore, the two are a great match. In addition, the fibres can absorb moisture but the surface sheds off water. Wool can absorb up to one third of its weight in water without feeling wet, it is dirt resistant and very elastic. Acrylic fibres are light, soft and warm and they feel a little like cashmere. We have deliberately chosen acrylic fibres because these products stay in shape, crease only minimally and are resistant to chemicals and sun rays.

Polyester, the way we use it, is better known as »fleece«. It is similar to wool, however weighs only a fraction. It’s an easy-care, stretchy fibre which always feels warm and dry. People who don’t like wool directly on their skin will love our fleeceliners. For some products we combine our essential fibres with Merino, Alpaka, and others to make use of their special characteristics to attain a certain feeling, look or pattern.